Our bread and butter is our standard 1-3 minute documentary style video.  These can be basic brand videos, explainer videos, customer testimonials, patient experiences, portraits, etc.  They can be a single subject piece, have one subject with extra supporting interviews, or they can be a fast cutting compilation of many interviews.  The directing of these videos tends to be straight-forward and we can usually figure out with our clients in a phone call what the piece will be like; our clients can point to our examples and get something very similar.

For these videos Stout Film offers 2 different price points.  We realize it is often difficult for non-filmmakers to understand the difference between production values (and the expenses that go into making them) so we have made a table below to help understand it.  It is important to keep in mind that it is not one thing, but the combination of many things together, that determine the quality of a video.  In order to keep budgeting as simple as possible we have grouped these variables into 2 standards.  The prices below include all labor, equipment charges, editing suites, music licensing, equipment insurance and general liability insurance for the production.


For any video that involves a lot of conceptualizing, writing, directing, producing, art direction, actors, complicated cinematography, a much longer/shorter length, etc., custom pricing is required.  We provide these services as well, but the variety of requirements is so vast that there is no way to give standardized budgets.  These films include much more client contact and care in pre-production, production, and post-production.  Custom pricing commensurately and fairly adds the cost of that time and equipment at each of those stages.  


We are also available as a production team to be hired on a day-rate for your own production.  These prices are reduced significantly because we only work on the days of the production; any producing or directing that goes on before or after the production is the client’s responsibility.  In this case liability and equipment insurance is under the responsibility of the client (the true “production house”) and we do not store the files or manage the media after the date of production.  This can be a good option for saving money if you have an in-house editing team and a clear understanding of what goes into producing a video.


Series - Save up to 15% when you buy multiple videos at once.
Non-Profits - Receive Gold production values for Silver pricing for your 501(c)(3)
Referrals - Refer a friend or another business. Once they pay for a video, you will receive a $1000 coupon to be used on any film production with us.