Dear Entelo,

Here we will provide some examples of customer centered videos with different subject matter.  

First, here are a few with one main subject (in your case, it would be your client).  The key here is painting an authentic and relatable portrait of your client and show how Entelo added value for them in a way that other potential clients will be attracted to.  For single-subject pieces we go into more depth with that subject. 


We can also increase production value and efficiency by making more of a designed commercial. If you look at the video below, Imagine highlighting 3 of your best clients into a shorter piece that really moves.

Recently we have been selling packages to a lot of clients that include multiple edits of the same video and/or photography packages included with video production.  We also offer big savings on purchases of multiple videos at once, which can be used over the entire year. Here is a 30sec spot that was retroactively edited down from a 3 minute customer profile piece. 

Next, take a look at an example with many customer subjects.

The following is are examples of a video based on customer interviews at a conference.   Our long term client Grand Rounds is a medical benefit that is offered through some of the biggest companies like Comcast, Costco, Walmart, etc. 

We typically build a white-void studio at your location, though other backdrops like grays or colors can be used. All we need is 5-10 participants and a quiet room of about 20x20ft, with no tables or obstructions in the middle of the room. These videos can also be done in a more high energy vibe at an event where noise and action is seen in the background of interviews.  The benefit of a studio is that the video assets can be used for other videos and mixed with interviews shot at other times. 

Finally, we found an old video (2011) that is related to the sort of event you are putting on this summer.  It is less polished and with less expensive equipment than we use these days, but we'll include it here for the sake of discussion and reference.