Set of 25-35-50-85: $4100 -- this is a ZF to EF converted set with Leitax hard mounted adapters (so you can control iris on the lens) and gears. I would like to keep these 4 as a set but you can add others like the 21mm ZE or switch out the 50mm makro for the f/1.4 below)
--25mm ZF>EF F/2.0 Distagon-- Mint Condition. This is the more expensive F/2 version, not the F/2.8 version. Zip-gears, Generic front cap, hood, box, paperwork. 
--35mm ZF>EF F/1.4 with Duclos Cine-mod (Leitax EF Mount, declicked, seamless gears) zeiss cap, hood, box paperwork. this is the more expensive f/1.4 version.
--50mm ZF>EF F/2.0 Makro with Leitax EF Mount, zip gears, zeiss cap, hood, box, paperwork (the f/1.4 is available cheaper if you want to switch it out).
--85mm ZF>EF F/1.4 with Leitax EF Mount, zeiss cap, zip gears, hood, box paperwork.

Singles: Other Zeiss Lenses (to buy solo or add on):
21mm ZE F/2.8 Distagon-- Mint Condition. Zeiss front and back caps, hood, box, paperwork. $1000
35mm ZE F/2.0 Distagon-- Excellent Condition. Very slight signs of use on barrel. Hoya HMC Super UV filter included. Zeiss and generic front cap, canon back cap, no hood, box, paperwork. $750
50mm ZF F/1.4, includes box, caps, hood, and UV filter (standard EF adapter available for $35). $400