Mashups have many speakers, usually between 5-10. Each speaker's story and character are developed lass than in a standard documentary, with the goal being to show diversity and energy. These films can include B-Roll (supporting footage), but typically not as much, and often none at all.  Graphics and quotes can work well as supportive imagery.  Mashups can be shot with or without backdrops, though a studio set-up often helps us film many subjects with limited variables and in a timely manner.  Subjects can either be looking straight to camera or cross-camera. We like to shoot with either a 4K resolution camera looking directly to camera or with 2 synced cameras from slightly different angles when the eyeline is cross-camera. For a clean and modern look we recommend a white-void background, which as you can see below, flows well into website pages. Studio setups requires a quiet room of about 15'x20' or bigger.

The examples below demonstrate a variety of looks, lengths, and feelings, but the options are limitless.