Stout Film has produced dozens of advertisements in the medical field.  Our clients range from hospitals like Dignity Health and Sutter, to benefit providers like Grand Rounds, to medical device companies like Hansen and Invuity. We offer affordable prices for individual films and bulk pricing discounts for series.

Besides our filmmaking knowledge, our most prized quality in the medical industry is our bedside manner when dealing with patients and emotional subject matter.  We are able to provide industry leading production values with an incredibly small footprint, which means we are able to keep the burden on patients and doctors to a minimum.  Our nimble crew keeps our set intimate and allows us to shoot complicated narratives in as little as one day.  This attitude not only makes production days fun and easy, it makes our subjects comfortable enough to share intimate stories with us candidly. 

We work closely with you to develop tailor made stories that serve your individual needs as an organization.  We discuss what the audience for the films will be and what style of film is appropriate.  How do we leverage this years budget for video in the most powerful way?  How to we maximize views of the videos?  How long of a video will audiences watch, and how does this change depending on the setting and audience?  What makes a video good, and what turns people off? What are we truly trying to convey with the video, and how do we distill that message so it is digestible and captivating and within people's modern attention spans?  We partner with you and truly learn what your organization offers so we can build intelligent narratives and ask the right questions in interviews.  We work closely together as a small consistent team from the concept through the final cut so nothing is lost in translation and each film is a success.