The following are a couple examples of a videos based on interviews at conferences. We typically build a white-void studio at your location (other backdrops like grays or colors can be used, but are usually not as preferable). All we need is 4-8 participants and a quiet room at least 20x20ft, with no tables or obstructions in the middle of the room. 

Below is a video for Google, in which no b-roll was shot and the subjects’ eye-line is off-camera. 2 matching cameras were used to achieve 2 true angles, though this is not always necessary (see second example).

The following is a video for the medical company Grand Rounds. These are single-camera interviews, where the subject looks 2 camera, a second “angle” is achieved by punching in on a high resolution video capture. B-roll is incorporated as well.

Below is a video on a female dentist we made for Bank of the West, and is included simply because that is related to our subject matter.