Dear Stanford Alumni Association,

Thank your for taking a closer look at our work!  We have compiled a collection of films below that are relevant to the work you are looking to produce. We have provided a little bit of variety but tried to show many options that are documentary-based, single or double subject, short  pieces.  Only one of them is travel related, but they all show our craft and attention to detail that can be applied to any story.

We have a cinematic documentary style that is character and story driven, and our films are designed to be emotional and memorable.  We often make a series for our clients and we always aim to develop long-term working relationships, priding ourselves on partnership and individualized customer care.  Our clients love maintaining a consistency of vision and collaboration throughout a project, and working with the same team over time. 

The films below represent a sweet spot that many of our clients choose because they are a great bang for the buck.  These films starting in the $12k range are quickly and simply producible, yet are extremely reliable and powerful.   Production values can increase from there, and can sometimes be reduced for specific types of projects, but we find this a reasonable starting point.  This fee covers a 1 day local production with all pre-production, editing, music licensing, color grading, etc. (travel costs and/or additional days of production are extra).  We have 2 filmmakers on set to maintain quality, flexibility and safety, while keeping a small footprint and staying nimble.  We roll 2 cameras during interviews for reliability and editing options.  From production to final cut, these pieces typically take about a month, as we work together through a rough, revised, and final cut (2 full rounds of feedback). We make special pricing for clients who wish to make a series of films and develop a longer term collaboration.

As our goal is to become the go-to production company for all of our clients' needs, we realize that a variety of film forms will be desirable at different times.  Please take a look at our description of some different options we can produce.   Whether you want  a 30sec or a 5min film, a commercial or a documentary, film on location or in a portable studio, we've got your covered. And if we aren't the right style or budget for you, we can almost always connect you to the right choice. 

Stout Film